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Construction products in the DGNB System

Construction products are key to sustainable building. Learn about the DGNB System approach to construction products.

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DGNB Navigator Label

More and more producers use the DGNB Navigator label to document their products’ qualities for sustainable construction. This helps architects and designers specify the right products.

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DGNB Navigator 2.0

Standardised and future-proof data with global applicability presents a powerful case for the new version of the DGNB Navigator!

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No product certificates

Construction products are versatile – and need to meet various requirements. The DGNB Navigator creates transparency by pinpointing relevant information, without certifying.

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Even products without EPDs can be entered.

No EPD for your product? No problem: the DGNB Navigator allows for alternative data and values as well as your own calculations.

Manufacturers represented in the DGNB Navigator: