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Construction products make an important contribution to the sustainability and overall performance of a building – through their environmental impact, such as emission of pollutants or consumption of energy during manufacturing and operation; their life cycle costs, which can be significantly affected by inspection and maintenance costs or time and money spent on cleaning and their effect on user comfort.

We have developed a unique tool, the DGNB Navigator, to assist all those involved in the product selection process – from manufacturers to architects, planners, investors, contractors and auditors – and provide them with the transparent information they require.

A reliable foundation for your work.

Standard, DGNB system compliant data queries provide transparent and user-friendly access to relevant information. This provides a future-proof foundation for all the stakeholders to cooperate and eliminate planning risk.

Internationally applicable.

The DGNB Navigator can be used anywhere in the world thanks to its ISO standard compliancy and English language access.

Linking construction products to the DGNB system.

The DGNB Navigator brings designers’ demands and manufacturers’ product information together on a joint platform. It also provides the data required for the DGNB certification system and thereby bridges the gap between construction products and building certification.

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