Taskworx™ with EcoSolution Q® pile

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Building constructions


Floor finishes and floor systems

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Floor finishes: carpets

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Textile floor finishes of fibers


Taskworx™ carpet tiles with Eco Solution Q® PA6 face fibre comprise Shaw’s branded face fibre, manufactured with a significant percentage of recycled PA6 on the Taskworx™ modified bitumen compound backing system. Taskworx™ carpet tiles are manufactured in the UK and come in a number of attractive styles, shapes and colours which are available for speedy delivery and are competitively priced. Taskworx™ comes with a 10 year limited commercial warranty (subject to installation and maintenance guidelines) and meets all relevant EU performance standards. The ranges provide ingredient transparency and environmental responsibility through Cradle to Cradle Certification™ at the Bronze Level and VOC emissions meet the requirements for AgBB and contribute to LEED 2009 and V4.

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Taskworx™ product range meets the EU performance standards under EN 1307 and EN 10874 for a product suitable for heavy and general commercial installations and for use in modern office and hospitality environments.

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