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Modular Metal Wall - Qbiss One

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Metal cladding

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Qbiss One is a structural facade system with horizontal and vertical shadow gaps. The prefabricated, modular basic element Qbiss One consists of two galvanized and coated steel sheets with a non-combustible mineral wool core and offers a complete wall solution, within a single construction element. It has rounded corners, unmatchable flat surface and advanced technical characteristics. TOTAL WALL SOLUTION 1.Single component pre-engineered and prefabricatedconstruction element, 2.Self-supporting column to column horizontal or floor to floor vertical installation. MAXIMUM SAFETY 1.Class A1 non-combustible mineral wool insulation core, 2.High-level insulation values as low as 0.15 W/m2K, 3.Fire resistance: up to class EI 120 minutes integrity and insulation, 4.Watertightness up to 1200 Pa, 5.Flexible coating guaranteed up to 30 years and lifetime expectancy up to 50 years LIMITLESS DESIGN POSSIBILITIES 1.Extensive range of interfaces and bespoke elements, 2.Integrated windows, doors and louvers systems, 3.Prefabricated corners and rounded corners without cuts, folds or welds, 4.3D corner elements, curved elements, trapezoidal elements, 5.Extreme flatness, 6.Multiple joint possibilities. THE TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTIC PRESENTED IN DGNB NAVIGATOR: Qbiss One Power T façade panel Panel thickness (mm) 240 mm Panel lenght:4000 mm Mass (kg/m²): 33,19 Thermal transmittance (W/m² K): 0,16 Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0 Airborne sound insulation (C;Ctr) (dB): 30 (-1;-3) Combustibility of insulant core: Mineral wool non-combustible Class A1 Water permeability: Class A (1200Pa)

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Qbiss One compatibility with Qbiss Screen: compatible in sense of visual appearance, material. Installation compatibility is possible with additional accessories. Qbiss One compatibility with Trimoterm: compatible in sense of material. Installation compatibility is possible with additional accessories.


External facade cladding, internal wall, soffit, and ceiling applications for mixed-use developments, data centers, airports, residential, public, and healthcare buildings.

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